Magento Performance Optimization

Is your Magento slow? Need a performance optimization? One way to optimize magento performance is through apache  mod_deflate, this can be configured via .htaccess. The following mod_deflate code is:


Data Base, SSH

How to Export a Large Data Base from MAMP

When having a large database, the best option to export or import it would be by use the terminal. Open the terminal and navigate to the bin directory by entering this command cd /applications/MAMP/library/bin Next, right the command to export your local database: ./mysqldump -u marteta -p mage_database > /Users/marteta/Desktop/new_database.sql In order to get this […]

Front-end, PHP

Display Custom Attributes in Magento

How to display custom Magento attributes in your product or catalog pages In this example we will explain you how to display custom attributes in your magento’s front-end pages. But first, let’s make sure our configuration is right and we have enabled “Visible on Product View Page on Front-end”. Once you have “is Visible” option enabled, you […]